Lets kick off this blog with where I get the inspiration to inspire you.

Where does it come from? Really it can come from anywhere these days.  Being 5 months pregnant someone just has to mention the word food and I’m salivating.
Actually as I’m writing this there is an episode of “Fireman Sam” on in the background, and I just heard “Cottage Pie” mentioned. Something I haven’t made for years but all of a sudden I have the urge to get up and pull the organic beef mince out of the freezer in preparation for tonight’s dinner. (Which is happening by the way) Ha.

Anyway I tend to pick up inspiration from a range of different sources.

My family are probably the biggest inspiration to me, both on the east and west coasts. On the weekends I love when I get the time to cook the recipes that are close to my heart, as well as create new ‘fancy’ recipes, to share with my friends and family on the east coast.

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My mountain of cookbooks that tend to topple on my head every time I open the bulging kitchen cupboard. I try to use them at least once per week and not let the threat of a paperless kitchen takeover.
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Food websites such as taste.com.au and tastespotting.com I check on a regular basis for new ideas. Very handy with an iPad, you can just sit on the bench and follow like a book!.

We are lucky enough in this household to have foxtel. (Although it is threatened every month the bill comes, and there is nothing but repeats on that its going to get cancelled. – AFL footy and the ASP surfing world tour is about to start again so i doubt this will happen anytime soon).
The lifestyle food channel is a tad addictive and whenever the toddler is sleeping and I’m not off cleaning something, or sleeping its on in the background.

I usually take only inspiration from these sources and look at the recipes. I never have all of the ingredients on hand, and although it is handy to have a brand spanking new woolworths across the road, my purse strings are usually pretty tight. As well as the daunting task of dragging a toddler who often refuses to walk most of the way down the stairs and across the road. So we just have to make do with what we have. I generally replace or change recipes with what I have and most of the time they turn out great if not better than if I’d followed the recipe to the tee.

Once my inspiration is sparked its time to put the plans into action. Now to pull out that mince….

Thank you Fireman Sam.

Are you stuck in the weekday meal rut? Where else do you get your meal inspiration from?

Cottage Pie Recipe Link

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