Weekly meal plans in our household have somewhat gone out the window in the last few years. I always have some idea of what I’m going to make that week, but hardly ever stick to it. Pregnancy cravings and tiredness usually takeover.

This week I have decided that my freezer is way too full of meals that I have frozen over the past month. So it’s back to basics and use up all the leftovers in there.

I do a food shop on Tuesdays so I can plan to get what I need to finish off these meals.

Chicken and bacon pies

I always have puff pastry in the freezer.  I think it’s just one of those handy things to keep in case a quick meal is needed. You can find my original recipe for these pies here.

I made these before I started my blog a friend of mine did a feature on me.

Thai green curry with rice

I made the curry paste from scratch a few weeks ago I found a recipe on taste.com.au it was the most delish green curry I’ve had in a long time

Thai Green Curry with Coconut Rice

Dinner at a friends house.

Thursday- Pasta Night

Fettuccini bolognaise
I have fresh pasta and bolognaise sauce in the freezer just waiting for me to cook!



I make my own pizza dough every few months and freeze. It’s very handy to defrost and make pizza, calzones, or even a quick garlic bread.
Friday night I’m vowing to use a few balls and top with some veggies, pesto, mozzarella and other delights!

Homemade Pizza
My mouth is watering just thinking about these meals.
How often do you clean out your freezer? Do u have a weekly meal plan?

Is anyone else this organised?

Enjoy x